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Disputed Amounts
If you dispute any charges we apply to a credit card that you provide us with, you must first attempt to settle this with us before contacting your credit card company. If we are unable to resolve your complaint within 14 days you may contact your credit card company. However, if you do contact your credit card company and you do not prevail in your complaint, and if a chargeback investigation is initiated, then you agree to pay us a dispute fee of $40 to cover our direct and processing costs relating to the chargeback. This will be charged to your credit card.

In the event that you have not paid us for goods or services that are considered to be "past due", we shall have the right to assign your account to collection services. In the event this is necessary, you authorize us to disclose all of our records relating to your account, and this information may be shared with credit bureaus and other firms involved with collecting monies due us. In effect, you waive all rights to privacy if it becomes necessary for us to collect monies you owe us.

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Other Terms
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