Finishing Touches
After creating your card using a few Simple Techniques, you can take it to the next level by adding one or two finishing touches. These easy additions will take an already lovely card to something truly stunning. Here are some signature DeNami "moves" that will give your cards a little something extra and make it a work of art.

Another versatile tool for adding a polished look to cards is our Crystal Lacquer. Use on its own for a clear and glossy texture, or you can use as a dimensional adhesive for Sparklets Glitter or Fun Fluff.

(To use Crystal Lacquer as adhesive, apply to desired area, then sprinkle glitter or fluff onto wet lacquer. Tap off excess, and allow to dry. Note: Crystal Lacquer will take longer to dry than traditional glue, and time will vary according to amount of lacquer used.)

The glossy finish of Crystal Lacquer adds shine and dimension to the balloons on this card, making it really stand out. Fun Fluff can add irresistible texture to cards, and Crystal Lacquer is the best way to apply this unique embellishment. Note the "fluffy" slippers on this card! When a glue pen just isn't enough, we love to use the Crystal Lacquer to apply our Sparklets Glitters for truly decadent glitz.

An all-time favorite at DeNami Design, glitter is an easy way to add brightness and polish to your cards. Apply any of our 24 beautiful shades to your card with the Quickie Glue Pen or try it with the Essential Glue Pad for even more stamping options!
This rich and elegant card uses the glue pad to stamp the Polka Dot Background and pair with our Bronze glitter. It also uses the Quickie Glue Pen to apply Aquamarine glitter to the Filigree. This vibrant apple card uses three glitters to really make the images "pop." This card features three popular glitters: Ruby Red, Gamma Green, and Citrone Sparklets Glitters. This card uses our Citrone glitter a bold way, by using the Essential Glue Pad to completely cover the surface of the "planet" shape. Can you also spot it on the shooting stars?

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You can easily "tie" your card together with a simple ribbon or beautiful bow. Start with bows, knots, or wrap-arounds, but don't stop there! Ribbon is a beautiful accessory, and there are many options to make your card stand out!
The bold colors of this card are brought to life by stacking different ribbons to give more dimension and make the vibrant colors pop. This card also uses other finishing touches like buttons and twine. By looping shorter strands of ribbon behind the circle punched image, this card uses ribbon to create a "rosette" for a truly stand-out card feature.
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Our "ruffled ribbon" technique is surprisingly easy to do, with impressive-looking results. Use with any size or style of ribbon for a variety of different looks.
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Buttons are so much more than an accessory for your coat -- they are like stamping candy and a super fun way to "dress up" your cards! We have a fabulous assortment of buttons to choose from, and with a variety of sizes and shapes and shades, the possibilities are truly endless.
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By simply adding a button to the center of the bow, this card shows off its cuteness and fresh color scheme. This card makes buttons part of the design by creating button flowers. You can get creative and make button balloons or button lollipops, or anything else you can imagine! Buttons are used in a bold way on this card by choosing buttons in bright colors to enhance the whimsical design.

Everybody loves a little bling -- why not on your cards? From subtle shine to spectacular sparkle, our rhinestones are an effortless way to add a little glamour to your paper projects.
With the simple addition of a few well-placed rhinestones, it's easy to give your cards an extra bit of elegance and richness, as seen on this bright holiday card. Two-for-one sparkle! This card uses rhinestones in two different ways: as part of the candle design (see the "berries?") as well as creating a bejeweled ruffled ribbon border. There's no holding back on this card! A rainbow of rhinestones make it a show-stopper, and we love the bold colors and stand out design!

A popular choice amoung crafters and stampers, twine is ribbon's softer, more subtle cousin. From rustic to refined, this simple and versatile accessory is an easy way to add a little something extra to your cards.
By simply wrapping the twine a few times around a stamped panel, this card is given extra dimension. Tie a cute little knot for extra charm. This card features a darling pair of accessories: buttons and twine! Simply pull twine through the button holes and tie into a bow (knots are cute, too!). This card starts with a simple twine wrap-around, but by adding more colors to bring out the stamped images, the card is given a truly polished look.
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